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Weekly Recap #8 and April Monthly Wrap Up

Posted April 30, 2017 by Lily B in Recap, Wrap Up / 17 Comments

Weekly Recap

I haven’t done this in a few weeks. My mind hasn’t really been in the right place. I’m doing better after losing my cat, so thank you all who reached out and for your kind words. I really, really appreciate it. Also, thank you Melissa from Books and Things for the lovely key chain to honor my fallen friend. I still have a hard time especially when I see his pictures, but I am doing better.

My reading has been going okay so far. I have my good days and my bad days. I have currently read 42 out of my goal of 100. I am 10 books ahead \o/. I am struggling. Lately any adult romance I pick up have been blah. Like literally leaving me in physical paints trying to read it. I’m one of those people that cannot DNF cause I feel like I already put some time into it I have to see it through – even if it’s causing a brain bleed.

Oh well, in between trying to plow threw the books that are not working for me, I have been picking others up. Currently I am listening to Sleeping Giants and it is probably the only Audiobook ever so far that I absolutely love. I love the different cast of people, it kind of reminds me of listening to one of those old radio shows. It’s awesome.

Anyway. If you guys have some good book recommendations, I’d love to hear what you are currently reading, or what you read that you loved so far?

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Monthly Wrap Up

In the month of April I read 11 books. Woah I know right? I did have some amazing reads. I really loved Alex, Approximately, Where the Dead Lie, Walk of Shame and Prisoner of Ice and Snow. I only gave one book this month and apparently this year and possibly ever a 1 star. I am starting to see that my reading and reviewing is different. I don’t give out 4.5 and 5 stars like candy. Most books average at 3 stars these days. Also, Sophia reviewed on the blog 4 times this month with some really interesting reads 🙂

Best of April



Currently Reading

1.Lethal Lies – This one is a struggle. I dislike Anya a lot, she is reckless, desperate and irritating. 2. Sleeping Giants – I am following my book while listening to the audio. I am loving this one so many levels. I wish I had more time to listen to it. 3. The Upside of Unrequited – Wish I read the blurb for this one because this one mentions body image and low self esteem and I already feel like I know where this is going and it isn’t clicking with me. I know Albertalli is beloved by people, I’m probably going to be a black sheep on this one.