Weekly Recap #6 – Ugh SNOW

Posted March 19, 2017 by Lily B in Recap / 19 Comments

Weekly Recap



Looking back at the reviews posted this week, I cannot believe I posted them this week. It has been such a LONG week. We got snow, lots of it, about 20 inches. My husband had to go out and do snow removal 2-3 days in a row, it was a lot. On the bright side, my son enjoyed the snow maze my husband dug out for him in the front yard.

I am loving the way my reading has gone this year. Last year I read around 33 books all year? This year I am up to 27 with no signs of stopping. It kind of suck to be honest that most of my reading is done after my son goes to sleep, because I feel like a zombie most days with the lack of sleep – but with coffee we are working through it. Plus, sometimes he takes naps and this mom steals that time for cuddle naps whenever they happen.

I also just realized I have not read any good romance lately…Odd.. My taste in books has been expending and it’s nice to explore different genres. I’ll have to remedy the lack of romance this week, maybe.

I have also been into booktube lately. I like running it in the background while I do stuff and listening to like monthly wrap ups since I cannot always be at the computer, so that’s been fun.

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  • Shadow Falling (The Scorpius Syndrome, #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

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19 responses to “Weekly Recap #6 – Ugh SNOW

  1. You did get lots of snow all at once. Glad your son could enjoy it.

    Neat that you’re able to get more reading in between busy times with a young family.

    I started taking breaks from a genre and then come back when I’m more in the mood. This works great. Enjoy trying out the romances again.

    Have a good week, Lily!

    • yeah I’m hoping that is what will happen XD assuming I also pick the right book.

      The smile on his face was worth all the snow heh

  2. We are thankfully on the tail end of winter so it’s been relatively mild. I’m crossing my fingers, though, considering we got one of our major snowstorms on record around this time in 1997. It’s great to see you’re reading more this year. I know it’s tough to do. I would sometimes go a week without picking up a book because my days take a lot out of me.

    Good luck and have a great week, Lily!

    • I wouldn’t mind the snow during december. But I guess most of the big snow storms happen in March most of the times it seems anyway. I hope that was like it’s way of saying goodbye. I’m totally ready for spring.

      It does ;/ maybe because I only read a few hours a day makes it worth it, but I also find that I keep wanting to read something interesting and really good during that time and not mediocre.

  3. Happy that you’re getting a ton of reading done! I love that feeling of accomplishment. The amount varies for me from week to week.

    You can have some of our unseasonably warm weather from TX! I’ll be glad to give that to you! 🙂

    Hope you have a great week! ~Aleen

    • LOL I would love some 😀 sends the unseasonably warm weather up here! It’s been a roller coaster tho, we had like 70 degree a few weeks ago and now, well it’s picking back up.

      It is nice isn’t it? I especially love when my read goes up on Goodreads towards my goal.

  4. My goodness, that is a lot of snow! But at least your son got some fun out of it! I know exactly what you mean about getting your reading done after the kiddo gets to sleep — that’s when I get most of my blogging, all of my writing, and most of my reading done too. That, and audiobooks during my commute to work. I’m curious to see your thoughts on Dragon Price; I’ve seen some mixed reviews on that one so far. Have a great week!

    • oh you do the same? XD it can be so hard with the lack of sleep, but sometimes it is SO worth it! Maybe I’ll listen to some MG books this year with kiddo when husband goes back to work or something.

  5. UGH snow was my reaction this week too. I hope this week will bring us more sunshine and warm weather because I am so over the cold. That’s awesome that you are reading more this year! Go, you! And wohoo! Written in Red and The Hate U Give are both terrific books.
    I hope you enjoy them!

  6. Glad you survived snowmageddon. We didn’t get snow on the West Coast, lots more rain. I will take the rain over the snow. I am glad you are finding time to read. I always stay up and read after I get my kids to bed, that is my time and it keeps me sane. I hope you love Written in Red.

  7. All that snow… wow! I can’t even relate, having only *seen* snow a half dozen times or so. LOL Hope it’s been better this week! So awesome that you’re reading so much more this year than last year. Go you! We’ve read pretty much the same amount this year. According to GR, I’m at 28 books for the year. I’ve actually had to scale back on the booktube watching… it’s such a time suck! lol But I still have some faves that I subscribe to and get their notifications. So cool that you are staring Written in Red!! I’m actually listening to it on audio right now and am just over halfway through. I’m loving the story and the narration both. I’m headed to NC tomorrow so I’ll have plenty of driving time to (hopefully) finish the book. Hope you’re having a great week!

  8. Yeah I don’t envy you the snow you are having, although I do miss skiing so much. You know reading is so worth the lack of sleep right? Hope you get some good romances in this week.

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