Review: I Hate Summer by Michelle Franklin

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Good morning guys, Sophia is here today. This time she is reviewing a non-fiction. What a brave soul πŸ™‚ – just kidding. Still, it’s a biography of what it is like for the author to deal with mental illness and social disabilities and how she learned to cope with it. I think it sounds interesting already, hope you enjoy Sophia’s review.

Review:  I Hate Summer by Michelle FranklinI Hate Summer by Michelle Franklin
Series: standalone
Published by Self-published on January 29th 2017
Genres: Non-Fiction, Biography
Pages: 230
Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Author
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Rating:4.5 Stars

This is a compendium about my daily battle with depression, anxiety, hot weather, and militant introversion. It is also about plumbers, spiders, loud neighbours, video games, books, and cats.
This book is not a therapy book for those who suffer with depression or anxiety, nor is this book intended as a disparagement or a glorification of my mental and social difficulties; it merely a record of how I have learned to cope with them, and is intended as a comedy not a tragedy. I invite everyone to laugh along with me through one of the worst years of my life, and hope that by reading about my tribulations, you will come to understand why I hate summer.

There is something to be said for putting a positive spin on life and living. I’ve always appreciated when someone is more than capable of doing that. This is why, though I’m not one who picks up non-fiction very often when it comes to current events or lives, I was well-pleased to click through the pages of this delightful rendering of the ups and downs in another fellow sufferer’s life. With wit, sass, and a smidge of the eccentric, the reader is brought along for the dreaded season of summer, life in an apartment building, and city dwelling.

I say ‘fellow sufferer’ because the main title and even some of the subtitle might be my own story. I also confess that I was already a fan of the author’s writing already. I was all kinds of curious to see her pull together a series of postings friends, followers, and fans were privy to recently into a cohesive piece.

The tone and style of the work is in the way of drawing the reader in like a conversation or journal piece. Snippets of life following a few recognizable themes that make the reader sympathize and laugh in turn. I connected well to the ‘storytelling’ and the language style that delights in employing a classical and unique word choice and form.

I was well aware the author was discussing true and serious issues that can befall one, but it was done in such a way that could amuse and draw a sympathetic ear. I cheered her on as she sent rude people away who would interrupt a reader choosing to enjoy a coffee in a cafe, I rallied to her cause as she got the better of a negligent mail carrier, and I snorted my way through the dynamics of apartment living between loud neighbors and chary maintenance staff.

It was a delightful and refreshing experience for me, the fiction reader, to get lost in the world of someone else’s reality that also happened to strike a chord on several levels. I invite others to share in the whimsy of this poor sufferer’s tales.

About Sophia Rose

Sophia is a quiet though curious gal who dabbles in cooking, book reviewing, and gardening. Encouraged and supported by an incredible man and loving family. A Northern Californian transplant to the Great Lakes Region of the US. Lover of Jane Austen, Baseball, Cats, Scooby Doo, and Chocolate.

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22 responses to “Review: I Hate Summer by Michelle Franklin

  1. I don’t read much non fiction but I do like the sound of this one. I enjoy books that can take a humourous spin on all the ups and downs of life.

    • I don’t read it very much, Lily. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I read non-fic when it wasn’t research related, but this was a treat for me.

  2. Great review, Sophia Rose! I’m not much of a non-fiction read (like not at all!), but this one sounds very interesting! I like that she can find humor in life’s not-so-fun moments! That’s a true gift.

    • Thanks, Candy!

      You sound like me. I read Non fic so rarely unless it is a research interest that I don’t even count myself other an a fiction read. Yes, it says a lot when a person can look beyond their trials to laugh a bit.

  3. Great review, Sophia Rose! I’m not much of a non-fiction reader (like not at all!), but this sounds very interesting. I like that she can find humor in life’s not-so-fun moments. That’s a true gift.

  4. Great review, Sophia Rose! I’m not much of a non-fiction reader (like not at all!), but this sounds very interesting. I like that she can find humor in life’s not-so-fun moments. That’s a true gift!

  5. I rarely dabble in nonfiction with the exception of historical but I do like the sound of this and I am glad you were able to laugh, appreciate and connect to her story.

    • I think you nailed it. I was able to connect so that made it engaging for me. I think it’s why I don’t get into current events or bios much. Yes, it was a touching and humorous one.

  6. Biographies are tough aren’t they? I get too emotionally invested yet that’s actually what they’re asking you to do in a way. The author sounds like she’s got a true knack for writing — the good and the bad — from your review

    • Yes, that is a good point, Verushka. I do tend to enjoy engaging with my reading and it’s tough when its a real life. Oh yes, she is a gifted writer for certain. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve mostly read it for research purposes, too. This was a fun change-up for me.

      Ha! Yes, that cover is total ice queen and perfect for the title and theme.

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