Tell Me Something Tuesday #4: Comparisons

Posted May 22, 2018 by Lily B in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 6 Comments

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Are you more inclined/ less inclined to read books that are compared to other popular books or authors?

Not sure, I think it depends on the book and my mood. I don’t like that the publishing world is using this kind of gimmick to trap us into buying the books. What happens if they compare to an author I did not particularly liked, so I did not buy the book, but could have really enjoyed the book? I feel that all authors have their own identity and individuality and hopefully no two authors will be the same, despite some similarities in their writing. Some will be better than their compared counterparts, some might be worse depending on the individual reading the book.

I do get it, okay? I understand why they do it. With the book industry saturated on the weekly basis with new releases they are trying to capture the attention of certain demographic similar to pointing a giant red finger yelling “Hey, you there! Did you enjoy Liane Moriarty? Well come check out this author with a similar style” I get it, but at the same time it feels a little lazy and a little bit like a trap simply because there at times that this kind of advertisement can really backfire. I have seen books that have this on their covers and it ends up targeting the wrong audience because the books will be nothing as promised. Plus, it raises the books expectation, so now it better be similar to the Hunger Games, or Harry Potter otherwise a book that could have gotten 5 stars given it a proper chance, now has 2 because it was nothing as advertised therefore lowered it’s chances.

Have I fallen for these kind of comparisons before? I have. Especially if I liked an author and wanted something similar to read based on her style I have picked up other books compared to other authors or style. I also have avoided books that I now will never know if I would have liked or not, simply because they got compared to books or authors that I did not even come close to enjoying.

Overall, I do wish as a reader that they put a lid on this new way of pushing books and just let them speak for themselves.



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6 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday #4: Comparisons

  1. I do think it is easier when they compare to authors for some reason, at least for me, cos I do hate this, but sometimes when they just tell me 3 authors i am all ok, instead if telling me books

  2. It’s interesting what you say about the comparison gimmick backfiring. I was looking at the potentially positive side of the thing, so to speak (Author Y is compared to Author X, and I like Author X, so I might at least have a closer look at the book or read a few reviews), but the opposite is also true.

    As a whole, this trick doesn’t work for me anyway. I may take a second look at the book, but it’s not like I’ll buy it just because it’s compared to one I liked. It’s more likely for me not to, because I value originality over anything else.

  3. Comparisons may make me more likely to take a closer look at a book and its blurb, but it doesn’t make me any more or less inclined to actually read the book. I’ve had too many instances where these comparisons were inaccurate, so I don’t really pay a lot of attention to them.

  4. I got really steamed about this a while back and did a discussion post on it. There was a book that was promoted like this and I was sent it for review. I let it set for two years b/c of the comparison. When I did actually read it, it was nothing like the other book. Like you, I avoided it b/c it was compared to a book I didn’t like.
    At the same time, I do perk up when I see a book compared to ones I do like. I don’t necessarily grab it for that reason b/c I’ve learned that this isn’t always accurate. I’ll continue to rely on my other ways of determining a book is a good match for me. 🙂

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